• Hydrant Valve (Stainless Steel)

We all are aware of the devastating consequences that a fire outbreak can cause. It is why, for all of us and mostly in larger building premises, it is very important to install high-quality fire safety equipment and accessories.
Having a space equipped with quality fire fighting gadgets is worth the money spending. It will allow you and all other dwellings within the space to feel safe and secure, in case there is a fire outbreak. When you decide to install a fire safety system on your premise, every bit counts. But, amongst all, one very critical gadget is the Hydrant Valve.

What is a hydrant valve?

The fire hydrant valve is a part of the fire hydrant system and is a crucial component in providing an efficient and effective means of extinguishing fires. The hydrant system allows firefighters to attack the source or seat of the fire from a distance, and hydrant valves are its outlets that deliver water with intense pressure, to drowse the fire.
It is a simple valve-like device, similar to normal taps that deliver water constantly as long as there is water at the source and as soon as you open it. These valves are attached to the fire hose by fire fighting personnel to throw pressurized water out to fight a fire.

Hydrant landing Valve which is an effective and efficient means of extinguishing large fires, Hydrant system enables the fire fighter to attack the seat of the fire from a distance. Hydrant valves are outlets for delivering water with tremendous pressure so as to quench the fire. With discreet use of special branch pipe the water under pressure can also be used as a “sheet” to push the smoke for entering a building in flames.

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Hydrant Valve (Stainless Steel)

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